Meaning of tinny house in English:

tinny house


informal New Zealand
  • A house where cannabis is for sale.

    • ‘he'd ring round the local tinny house a half hour before the cops went in’
    • ‘Police said they have carried out 36 searches of tinny houses in the last two weeks.’
    • ‘The supply is from tinny houses, where young people buying cannabis are introduced to even more dangerous substances.’
    • ‘There is an urgent need for us to focus on tagging, vandal damage, and tinny houses.’
    • ‘They will tell of the recently renovated apartment converted to a hydroponic dope factory and tinny house.’
    • ‘Most people who read this article will know of a tinny house or cannabis supplier that they could purchase cannabis from within the next 24 hours.’
    • ‘They began talking about returning to the tinny house to steal drugs and cash.’
    • ‘As long as cannabis is sold by gangs through tinny houses, there is no way to stop teenagers getting access to it.’
    • ‘Brothels are the places where they will be selling it in bulk, because the brothel will become a tinny house for drug dealing.’
    • ‘Tinny houses are often hubs for all manner of criminal offending, including the supply of methamphetamine and receiving stolen property.’
    • ‘A student said it was a well-known fact that there was a tinny house nearby, but she had not been sure of its exact location until yesterday morning.’


1990s from tinny in the NZ sense ‘a portion of cannabis wrapped in tin foil’ + house.