Meaning of tino rangatiratanga in English:

tino rangatiratanga

Pronunciation /ˌtiːnəʊ ˌrɑːŋətɪərəˈtɑːŋə/


New Zealand
  • Political control by Maori people over Maori affairs.

    ‘sovereignty revolves around the concept of tino rangatiratanga and its impact on the constitutional structure of New Zealand’
    • ‘Tino rangatiratanga is about empowerment, not walking around with a big chip on your shoulder.’
    • ‘He argues that the Crown has no jurisdiction to bring the charges against him on the basis of tino rangatiratanga.’
    • ‘I do want a visible sign of my commitment to learning Te Reo and supporting tino rangatiratanga.’
    • ‘Sovereignty was understood as 'more control over resources', or 'sovereignty as Maori government', or sovereignty as tino rangatiratanga.’
    • ‘Through eliciting a secure foundation to support the argument about sovereignty as tino rangatiratanga, he is positioned as cautious and reasonable.’
    • ‘The implication is that the reason tino rangatiratanga remains unresolved is that the Crown has not fulfilled its obligations under the treaty.’
    • ‘A number of the Maori members have talked about the importance of tino rangatiratanga.’
    • ‘Arguments for tino rangatiratanga are addressed through an appeal to the notion of local sovereignty.’
    • ‘The name of the Labour Party leader's dog, Tino Rangatiratanga, might seem to better befit the family pet of a Maori Party politician.’
    • ‘They have shown, in essence, that they do not understand what Maori tino rangatiratanga is.’


Mid 19th century Maori, literally ‘full authority, sovereignty’.