Meaning of tinter in English:



See tint

‘The four brothers have been amazed with the response from the Lismore community so far - and from all reports they are the best bunch of buffers, waxers, window tinters and polishers in town.’
  • ‘After his marriage in 1897 he worked as a painter of railway coaches, as a tinter of photographs, and as a housepainter.’
  • ‘In ruling the tinters did not violate Federal regulations, he ordered the Traffic Safety Administration to pay court costs for the five window-tinting companies named as defendants.’
  • ‘More or less since '81, we have been occupied exclusively with developing tinters and colouring the work of our customers.’
  • ‘This guide, based on the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons effective 1 June 2007, applies only to paints, tinters and related products that contain poisons.’