Meaning of tip-tilted in English:



  • (especially of a person's nose) turned up at the tip.

    ‘One wonders whether he fathered his daughter Margaret or simply dreamed up this seraph with a tip-tilted nose as he portrayed her in Flamma Vestalis.’
    • ‘Long legs, slim hips, flashes of cheekbone through slash cut hair, tip-tilted noses and wolven eyes.’
    • ‘With her tip-tilted nose and sheaf of brown hair, Mulgrew as Isolt even resembles John W. Waterhouse's Pre-Raphaelite paintings of mythic medieval heroines.’
    • ‘She accepted with simple pleasure his conventional exclamations about her almond-shaped eyes, her tip-tilted nose, her smile that would ripen peaches on a garden wall.’
    • ‘It was impossible not to like the freckled girl with the tip-tilted nose.’