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  • 1Denoting a seat in a theatre or other public place that is designed to tilt up vertically when unoccupied so as to let people pass easily.

    ‘It was the first London theatre to have carpeted floors and tip-up seats and was built without pillars so that there was a clear view from every seat.’
    • ‘In the 1960s, during his first football chairmanship, at Oldham Athletic, he advocated refreshment bars, executive boxes and tip-up seats.’
    • ‘But unless they are pointed out beneath the tip-up seats in the Choir, most visitors to Ripon Cathedral miss the carvings made by medieval craftsmen.’
    • ‘The players scavenged driftwood and even raided a timberyard at night for materials, while 74 tip-up seats were donated by the local cinema.’
    • ‘The American film festival runs 24 / 7, everywhere there is a projector and a row of tip-up seats.’
    • ‘There was no cushioned seats or tip-up seats.’
    • ‘The tip-up seat pieces, which were changed periodically, frequently incorporated text, too.’
    • ‘In the choir and transepts black marble shafts are striking detail, while the intricately carved choir stalls of 1520 have tip-up misericord seats decorated with secular scenes.’
    • ‘Incidentally, the tip-up mechanism on those rear seats has nothing in common with the tip-up mechanism favoured in cinemas which, one can see, would not have taken to the road particularly well.’
    1. 1.1Denoting a rear platform of a truck or lorry that may be raised up, enabling a load to be discharged.
      • ‘A colleague, who was sitting with him, escaped from the tip-up lorry which rolled forward and struck a lamppost, knocking it towards a loyalist paramilitary mural near where the bar once stood.’


North American
  • A device used in ice fishing in which a wire attached to the rod is tripped, raising a signal flag, when a fish takes the bait.