Meaning of tip someone the wink in English:

tip someone the wink


informal British
  • Give someone private information.

    • ‘‘So even though the Foreign Office will tell you, ‘Oh, we have condemned torture in Uzbekistan’, it doesn't mean anything, because by accepting the intelligence you are tipping them the wink to carry on.’’
    • ‘Keep tipping me the wink and all will go swimmingly.’
    • ‘In the old days the uncertainty provided a lucrative source of supplemental income for town-hall bureaucrats who would tip you the wink for a little discreet baksheesh.’
    • ‘But because we have assisted trusts at other clubs in similar situations then we should be able to tip them the wink as to who they should speak to.’
    • ‘Later my new friend came into bat and I had been tipped the wink that his sister plays for the England women's team.’