Meaning of Tippex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɪpɛks/


(also Tipp-Ex)
mass noun Trademark ; British
  • A type of correction fluid.

    ‘Visitor 75,000 came from a University of Derby server, which leads me to believe it's the mighty Charby, so a congratulatory consignment of Tipp-Ex is being sent up to obscure the Gary Neville lettering on her England shirt.’
    • ‘It was one of the Monkees' mums, she mixed paint and nail varnish and made Tipp-Ex.’
    • ‘I use it with Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat which I dot on like Tipp-Ex to hide annoying discolourations, blemishes and dark eye circles.’
    • ‘I noticed there was a bottle of Tipp-Ex at the side of the bed.’
    • ‘The image you see can all be attributed to a mischievous local who was little bit creative with a bottle of Tipp-Ex.’


(also Tipp-Ex)
[with object]British
  • Delete with correction fluid.

    ‘go home and Tippex your friends' names out of your address book’
    • ‘Chris Klein, Jean Reno, Rebecca Romijin-Stamos and LL Cool J are among those who might be Tippexing it from their CV in years to come.’
    • ‘And so my relationship with Liverpool developed through football stickers, team posters, and Tippexing player's names on to my pencil case, into something more adult.’
    • ‘I sincerely hope that I am not being Tippexed out of address books when I am told that the night out with my best friend (plus Aileen and Toni) has been cancelled until further notice.’
    • ‘I'd come in and find that she'd cancelled appointments I'd made for patients, erased diary entries, and even rewrote a whole week's appointments, having Tippexed out all I'd written.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, we have Tippexed out the offending number.’


1960s from German, from tippen ‘to type’ and Latin ex ‘out’.