Meaning of tipping point in English:

tipping point



  • The point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

    ‘Brooding about this needless death, I reached the internal tipping point, where my guilt started to outweigh my pleasure.’
    • ‘Now it seems consumers may have reached their tipping point.’
    • ‘I'd just about reached the tipping point in my day's rooting allegiance - I'd have given it up for Colon in the ninth, but Luis Polonia beat me to the punch with a one-out single.’
    • ‘What is perhaps most interesting about Love's model is that the musical public only becomes political at a specific moment or tipping point of self-consciousness.’
    • ‘It seems I experienced some kind of tipping point, at which I decided I wanted to learn about other races, rather than wanting to hate them.’
    • ‘More important, once you know your tipping point, what do you do about it?’
    • ‘I think people have things that are sort of tipping points in their lives.’