Meaning of tiresomeness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪəs(ə)mnəs/


See tiresome

‘For those worried that tiresomeness might not be a legal doctrine, the paper added that while free speech is ‘sacred,’ there is no ‘constitutional right to force everybody else in society to listen during school hours.’’
  • ‘She knows that his colleagues, servants, above all his wife, must often ‘put up with his harshness, his unfairness and his general tiresomeness.’’
  • ‘These last stayed all afternoon, and I experienced the tiresomeness of giving a short interview - twenty times over, until in sheer impatience I sounded like an enraged buffoon.’
  • ‘Thankfully, readers of this site have averted tiresomeness because your author has never made any secret of his identity, and I think that should be the model that all bloggers follow.’