Meaning of tissue culture in English:

tissue culture

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mass noun
  • 1Biology Medicine
    The growth in an artificial medium of cells derived from living tissue.

    ‘The antigen for spiking the specimens designated as CA 15-3 and CA 27.29 was derived from a cell line grown by aseptic tissue culture.’
    • ‘Macrophages also can more easily be grown in tissue culture than stem cells, and future studies will even look at whether they can be genetically modified before transplantation.’
    • ‘As a critical plant hormone, auxin modulates such diverse processes as tropic responses to light and gravity, general root and shoot architecture, organ patterning, vascular development and growth in tissue culture.’
    • ‘Supplementations of hormones can, for example, promote growth of rootlets in tissue culture.’
    • ‘At that time it was shown that Taxol was cytotoxic to cells growing in tissue culture, but over the next ten years there was almost nothing further gleaned about its biological action.’
    1. 1.1count noun A preparation of cells obtained by tissue culture.
      ‘Sputum and tissue cultures usually reveal staphylococcal or streptococcal organisms as causative pathogens.’
      • ‘Animal testing opponents say there are other ways to gather data, including the use of computer technology, cell tissue cultures and chemical toxicity tests.’
      • ‘Diagnosis of infection therefore relies heavily on clinical parameters, with the aid of blood, surface, or tissue cultures to identify likely pathogens.’
      • ‘No fungal elements were identified by histopathology or tissue cultures of both lungs after extensive sampling.’
      • ‘Aerobic and anaerobic tissue cultures should be collected when the bone is retrieved.’