Meaning of tissue fluid in English:

tissue fluid


mass nounPhysiology
  • Extracellular fluid which bathes the cells of most tissues, arriving via blood capillaries and being removed via the lymphatic vessels.

    ‘Vital functions such as those of lungs and kidneys, or the exchange of components of the blood and tissue fluid at the capillaries, are critically dependent on the pressure achieved within the circulatory system.’
    • ‘Reduced interstitial fluid resorption can be caused by decreased plasma oncotic pressure, increased oncotic pressure of tissue fluid, and lymphatic obstruction.’
    • ‘The second category of excluded material is human tissue or tissue fluid (this includes blood, semen, saliva, etc.)’
    • ‘In the microcirculation, the ratio of blood to endothelium reaches a maximum wherein the endothelium provides one thousand square miles for diffusion between blood and tissue fluid.’
    • ‘All patients have a number of drains, plastic tubes left under the skin and fat to collect tissue fluid and blood, left in place for one to two weeks.’