Meaning of titanium dioxide in English:

titanium dioxide

(also titanium oxide)


mass noun
  • A white unreactive solid which occurs naturally as the mineral rutile and is used extensively as a white pigment.

    Chemical formula: TiO₂

    • ‘Compounds that protect against sun damage include such things as titanium dioxide, para amino benzoic acid, and benzyl cinnamate.’
    • ‘So, photonic crystals are now typically made of insulating or semiconducting materials, such as titanium oxide, silicon dioxide, silicon, or gallium arsenide.’
    • ‘Sunblocks containing powdered titanium dioxide or zinc oxide dispersed in a base of petroleum jelly became available over 50 years ago.’
    • ‘Ecopaint is said to work because nitrogen oxide sticks to titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide absorbs heat.’
    • ‘The most common prime pigment is titanium dioxide, a white pigment found in both oil and latex paints.’