Meaning of titihoya in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtɪtɪˈhɔɪə/


  • An African plover related to the lapwing, with a distinctive plaintive cry.

    Vanellus melanopterus, family Charadridae. Alternative name: black-winged plover

    ‘The titihoya has deserted the barren land around Ndotsheni, but still cries on the rich farms upland.’
    • ‘If one stated this problem in other terms they might interpret the titihoya of Africa as the loon of Minnesota.’
    • ‘More than 410 species are represented here, including ten species of heron, cormorants, fish eagles, the rare black-winged plover and saddle-bill storks.’
    • ‘I checked to see if it was at the titihoya, the black-winged plover that chee-chee-chees through all his output.’
    • ‘Animals to look out for in this area are lion, black-backed jackal, blue wildebeest, cheetah on the open plains, white-backed vulture and lesser black-winged plover.’


Late 19th century from Zulu, of imitative origin.