Meaning of tix in English:


Pronunciation /tɪks/

plural noun

  • Tickets.

    • ‘I have tix for opening day’
    • ‘Advance tix are available at all the normal places around town.’
    • ‘I wait through the long line of those of us who had not bought advance tix and dive right in.’
    • ‘Doors open at 9pm, and tix are $8 at the door.’
    • ‘He habitually cashed in the first class tix and went coach instead.’
    • ‘I scored some free tix.’
    • ‘We could only get tix for later that night.’
    • ‘We've got tix for tomorrow night; while the Dome is an eyesore, at least we'll see a game.’
    • ‘I got him tix to see a band down at the Bowery, which we have not done in, like, forever.’
    • ‘A lot of their events were more than I would want to spend anyway—$80 opera tix and stuff like that.’
    • ‘I scored tix to the premiere at the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne.’
    • ‘Gotta love the new ad campaign to sell season tix.’
    • ‘They even charge you a booking fee if you turn up in person and buy the tix at the Arena.’
    • ‘I dropped by her office this afternoon to pick up the tix.’
    • ‘Reportedly 2,500 people had been lined up for a few days to get their tix.’
    • ‘His melodic playing will surely fill the intimate venue to capacity, so get your tix early.’