Meaning of TL;DR in English:



(also TLDR)
  • Used as a dismissive response to a lengthy online post, or to introduce a summary of a lengthy post.

    • ‘TL;DR—I just scrolled all the way down but that took forever’
    • ‘TLDR: the service was horrible and the food took too long’
    • ‘TLDR: "Desire to control" does not equal evil and is not confined to government.’
    • ‘TLDR: she started it!’
    • ‘TLDR: To an observer, having a team makes a city seem important.’
    • ‘I'll not get into my usual litany at this point, this comment already well into TL;DR territory.’
    • ‘Anyway, TL;DR, yes, this is a huge problem in medical (or any special-purpose, critical-path) software.’
    • ‘TL;DR: Get your own blog.’
    • ‘I know, TLDR, but I'm going to rant.’
    • ‘TLDR: if they can charge for something they will.’
    • ‘This may be TL;DR, but I felt like writing it and I'm glad I could semi-rant.’
    • ‘TL;DR: The very definition of a privilege is that it's something that cannot be made universal.’


Early 21st century abbreviation of too long, didn't read or too long, don't read.