Meaning of TMI in English:


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  • Too much information (used to indicate that someone has revealed personal information of an embarrassing nature)

    • ‘each cough was having a rather disastrous effect on my bladder (sorry, TMI!)’
    • ‘Flaming and TMI (Too Much Information) syndrome, or more technically disinhibition, may be two side effects as a result of the virtual anonymity the Internet provides.’
    • ‘That, my friend, is TMI.’
    • ‘At the risk of being TMI, I've just had to perform skillfull surgery on my undergarments in the ladies' loo between meetings using a particularly sharp pen and a rubber band.’
    • ‘This is probably all TMI, I'm sure.’
    • ‘If you think period pain is TMI then I suggest you return to primary school and resume giggling whenever anyone says 'titmouse.'’
    • ‘Went through the first part of the bathroom routine (TMI eh?) earlier and now mi cuppa tea sits here with me in front of the computer.’
    • ‘As the publisher of SPIN told me last night when my drunken ramblings were on full speed: TMI.’
    • ‘Had a lovely evening last night in the company of friends - the beer, conversation and cringe-worthy jokes flowed freely, as did the geek-speak and TMI revelations.’
    • ‘Am I lapsing into TMI territory here?’
    • ‘(Warning: TMI in next sentence if squeamish, please skip to next paragraph).’
    • ‘I will probably make it through the night without having to get up to go to the toilet (i know, tmi).’
    • ‘This isn't TMI, it's the right amount of information considering her desire for transparency in blogging, and I just think it's really well written.’
    • ‘I've done a few of these 'interesting facts' lists now and I'm not sure how many things there are left to tell, aside from TMI things that no one needs to hear.’
    • ‘On Friday Finley learnt to use the peddles on his trike, on Saturday Archer started crawling, yesterday Finley made a huge step forward in his potty training journey (probably TMI, sorry!)’
    • ‘I don't ever worry about talking about myself via this blog - yes I share stories, but I don't give such personal details that it is dangerous or TMI!’
    • ‘The personal posts are a little bit what people in cyberspace call TMI (too much information), but then again, that's Jennifer, funny–gross, defiantly imperfect.’
    • ‘Displaying remarkable endurance in the field of TMI, Duvall went on in this vein for quite some time.’
    • ‘(FYI, buy me a large gin 'n' tonic and I'll tell you as many TMI things as your heart desires).’