Meaning of to-do list in English:

to-do list


  • A list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organized in order of priority.

    ‘planning the trip is at the top of my to-do list this week’
    • ‘Top of their to-do list should be the city Alcatraz helicopter tour, operated by San Francisco helicopters.’
    • ‘The thought of a long-term relationship hadn't exactly been on my to-do list, nor had I given it much thought.’
    • ‘Adding another thing to a to-do list is the last thing a working mother wants to do.’
    • ‘Also notice how items in my to-do list are color-coded, indicating whether they are on time, late, in need of attention or ongoing.’
    • ‘The warnings come as operating-system developers have placed security higher on their to-do lists.’
    • ‘But before you pack up the car with dog treats and catnip, here's a quick to-do list.’
    • ‘The items on your day's agenda may change, but the number of tasks on your to-do list rarely seems to.’
    • ‘That's a hefty to-do list for any President, especially one without a solid majority in either house of Congress.’
    • ‘In those and subsequent meetings, they quickly drew up to-do lists and set priorities.’
    • ‘This article gives some good tips on delegating, and making that to-do list a bit shorter.’
    • ‘For some, investing is just another item on a lengthy to-do list, to be approached with the same brisk confidence they bring to other tasks.’
    • ‘We live in a world bogged down by to-do lists, with every interruption imaginable from the television and radio to the Internet.’
    • ‘Top on the to-do list in the next month or so, is finalizing their will and estate planning documents.’
    • ‘His to-do list includes continuing to enhance customer service and increasing marketing for both company-owned hotels and its franchisees.’
    • ‘A marathon had been on my to-do list for 20 years, since I began jogging three nights a week on a YMCA track in Dallas.’
    • ‘But she said she gets round her problems by cutting the hours she works, using memory cards and writing to-do lists every day.’
    • ‘Hiring a guitarist should be top of their to-do list.’
    • ‘Back when the economy was booming, you got to the office at dawn, gulped down lunch at your desk, and had a to-do list so long that the workday often stretched past midnight.’
    • ‘High on my to-do list as a retiree was to write a book about my life, and I've just completed that.’
    • ‘High on Scott's to-do list is revamping the AMF marketing team.’