Meaning of to a turn in English:

to a turn


  • To exactly the right degree (used especially in relation to cooking)

    ‘beefburgers done to a turn’
    • ‘Gideon Gaye's follow-up, Hawaii, confounded all those expectations but still managed to serve up a generous dose of thoughtful, evocative tunes, done to a turn.’
    • ‘The pork roast was done to a turn.’
    • ‘And make sure the underpart is baked to a turn, so that it's all soaked in juice, so well done that the whole of it, you see, is - I mean, I don't want it to crumble, but melt in the mouth like snow, so that one shouldn't even feel it - feel it melting.’
    • ‘Okay, how about young, tender vegetables grown right on the shore, picked fresh, and sautéed to a turn in hand-churned butter.’
    • ‘All the steaks were absolutely huge and for the most, done to a turn.’
    • ‘It is studded with rustic croutons that have been crisped to a turn in butter.’
    • ‘They were cradled in that fine, light French bread that had been buttered and crisped to a turn.’
    perfectly, just right, exactly right, to perfection
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