Meaning of to be expected in English:

to be expected


(also only to be expected)
  • Completely normal.

    ‘he had a few lines about the eyes, but at forty-seven that was only to be expected’
    • ‘As is to be expected at this level, no one boat is absolutely excelling and on-the-water rivalry is fierce.’
    • ‘It is to be expected that effective patriots are rarely popular outside their homelands.’
    • ‘I awoke with a mild hangover from a fun night: that much was to be expected.’
    • ‘There was a bit of snapping at each other, but that is to be expected.’
    • ‘Sadly - as is only to be expected, I suppose - the city council is taking the same line.’
    • ‘I mean, we had some great shows, and a whole lot of bad ones, but that's to be expected.’
    • ‘A few sore throats a year are to be expected, but getting more than two suggests you ought to be having it looked into.’
    • ‘As was to be expected in the conditions time and time again they lost the ball or played to an opponent.’
    • ‘The picture's slightly grainy, but that's only to be expected with a film this old.’
    • ‘Both sides made mistakes, but that is only to be expected as teams return from the winter break.’
    unsurprising, expected, to be expected, predictable, foreseeable, inevitable