Meaning of to excess in English:

to excess


(also in excess)
  • Exceeding the proper amount or degree.

    ‘she insisted that he did not drink to excess’
    • ‘The lesson is: don't eat fatty foods in excess, don't drink in excess, don't smoke at all, and keep fit.’
    • ‘He thought people also drank to excess because young people had more disposable income than ever before.’
    • ‘The stalks contain oxalic acid, which is harmful if eaten to excess, but the amounts are no greater than those in spinach and chard, for example.’
    • ‘New Zealand has a degree of tolerance for drinking to excess that I think is greater than that of any other country in the world.’
    • ‘Normally in short supply, it is found in excess amounts in up to half of all types of malignant tumors.’
    • ‘Eating and drinking to excess may have felt good at the time but those fatty mince pies and toxin-laden tipples have devastating effects on our health.’
    • ‘This and many other traumas took an inevitable toll on her after the war, and led her to drink to excess, burst into tirades and complain of depression to her doctor.’
    • ‘There is one loose story arc, involving the Geek from Texas who finds out he can drink to excess and actually win a best-bod contest.’
    • ‘The campaign theme, Think before you Drink Less is More, is aimed at young people who, on a single occasion drink to excess.’
    • ‘On Christmas Eve, 10 years ago, she was hooked up to various machines in hospital after drinking to excess.’
    • ‘There is no reason why there shouldn't be a continental-style culture where people go out to eat and socialise without drinking to excess.’
    • ‘That's the view of publicans who feel they cannot be held solely responsible for underage drinking or those who drink to excess.’
    • ‘There were big screens, pubs showing the match and opportunities before and after it for men to get together and talk about football and drink to excess.’
    • ‘Eating and drinking to excess cause many of our diseases and infirmities.’
    • ‘The problem is some of the people who drink are idiots, and correct me if I'm wrong but idiots have been drinking to excess as long as there have been idiots.’
    • ‘Having bought the car that evening he drank to excess so much that six hours after the crash, when he gave a test, he was still more than twice over the alcohol limit.’
    • ‘‘Early on in the evening they had been calm and polite and were not drinking to excess,’ she said.’
    • ‘We could all go to the pub in party hats, drink to excess, and then count down each of the final ten seconds before February 24th arrives.’
    • ‘These days, I drink to excess, and then wake up at six in the morning, grumpy, tired, dizzy, hungover and unable to go back to sleep.’
    • ‘After last night's game, I got back to my much preferred lifestyle; namely, drinking and smoking to excess.’