Meaning of to hell with in English:

to hell with


  • Expressing one's scorn or lack of concern for (someone or something).

    • ‘To hell with quality, to hell with life, to hell with savoring the moment.’
    • ‘We should have stuck to our guns, people tell me, and to hell with Liverpool and to hell with the Tory leadership.’
    • ‘These characters have a tendency to pass moral judgments based on their beliefs, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.’
    • ‘It's really too dark for my pale skin, but sometimes you wake up in the morning and think: to hell with that.’
    • ‘Finally, I said to hell with that, and I pulled my car across the road completely blocking traffic.’
    • ‘Okay, this may be a slightly biased vantage point, but to hell with that.’
    • ‘Okay, my next two selections are on the basis that you have the money, so you want some thing that you like, and to hell with what the board thinks.’
    • ‘I'd like to just tell him to do whatever he wants to and to hell with how I feel, but I can't really believe that he would actually need me to give him a sign.’
    • ‘Seek out like-minded people and to hell with what unfriendly breeders might think.’
    • ‘It is more like a total lack of inhibition, and to hell with any consequences.’
    • ‘Oh, to hell with it, I'm entitled to complain if I want to.’
    • ‘But when they started attacking the Chinese, I thought, to hell with them.’
    • ‘The individual as the supreme representation of Australian society and to hell with our traditional egalitarianism.’
    • ‘So, long-time readers may remember something of this story, but to hell with you, I'm writing it anyway.’
    • ‘Now that is a case of saying, ‘if you want what I am offering then vote for me or to hell with you.’’
    • ‘We say to hell with waiting; jump into the fray now and be part of the process of developing technologies relevant to our own cause.’
    • ‘It was about a relationship that wasn't acceptable but the punchline of the film was that they really did love each other, and to hell with everyone else.’
    • ‘At that point the cops either got their orders or decided to hell with it; they were streaming past us on all sides.’
    • ‘I find knitting and quilting very meditative and say to hell with anyone who says derogatory things about it/me.’