Meaning of to one's credit in English:

to one's credit


  • Used to indicate that something praiseworthy has been achieved, especially despite difficulties.

    ‘to her credit, she had never betrayed a confidence’
    • ‘His mum was desperate to keep him out of trouble and to her credit she achieved that.’
    • ‘Scotland, to their credit in the circumstances, have become difficult to beat at Hampden.’
    • ‘It is to your credit that while in prison you have addressed your drug problem.’
    • ‘It is to your credit that you have surrounded yourself with such vibrant young talent at the Weekender.’
    • ‘It is true that, to their credit, many similarly-deprived children did not and do not fall by the wayside.’
    • ‘But, to their credit, they kept in touch and fought bravely to get back on terms.’
    • ‘United, to their credit, never stopped trying but they struggled to create real openings.’
    • ‘However the organisers have, to their credit, made efforts to ensure its validity.’
    • ‘It is to their credit then that City battled through, stuck to their task and came back to claim a point and very nearly all three.’
    • ‘The home players certainly did not throw in the towel, to their credit.’