Meaning of to one's disadvantage in English:

to one's disadvantage


  • So as to cause harm to one's interests or standing.

    ‘his poor educational track record inevitably worked to his disadvantage’
    • ‘But sometimes, there is no escape and resistance can be… well… to your disadvantage.’
    • ‘If it has already been used to your disadvantage, you may be able to get a substantial sum in damages.’
    • ‘This is exactly the sort of struggle that is most to their disadvantage, not least because of the four-and five-year election cycles to which the rhythms of their wars are typically tuned.’
    • ‘But the world has changed to their disadvantage.’
    • ‘By justifying the management discourse on productivity, employees keep in place the surveillance system that actually works to their disadvantage.’
    detriment, prejudice, disservice, harm, damage