Meaning of to one's face in English:

to one's face


  • Openly in one's presence.

    ‘if you've got something to say to me, say it to my face’
    • ‘Why can't I be brave enough to ask you to your face?’
    • ‘Is it just me or does Gordon Campbell remind you of a person, most of you know one, who will say something to your face and laugh about you or tell stories about you behind your back?’
    • ‘You don't often get rude things said to your face, but you get people writing letters, often anonymously, attacking your wish to be treated as fully human.’
    • ‘It's one thing being fed falsehoods over TV and radio but another kettle of rotten fish altogether when they do it straight to your face.’
    • ‘I will tell you to your face what I've said off; no one can teach it better than you.’
    • ‘Either he doesn't have enough nerve to call, or he has so much nerve that he lies to your face.’