Meaning of to someone's cost in English:

to someone's cost


  • With loss or disadvantage to someone.

    ‘without programmes to play on it, the cleverest machine is useless—as some hardware manufacturers already know to their cost’
    • ‘He had already found, to his cost, that jumping in feet first was a disastrous idea.’
    • ‘It's goals not chances that win matches - as they found out to their cost in the 1-0 loss.’
    • ‘That would be a major loss, as they learned to their cost yesterday.’
    • ‘As all teenagers discover to their cost, they're a little sorry when it's too late.’
    • ‘As many former employees have found to their cost, inhaling asbestos dust can have very serious consequences.’
    • ‘It is vital that servants can be trusted to be the souls of discretion - as they have learnt to their cost with real-life ‘What the Butler Saw’ scandals.’
    • ‘Wapping Station is one of the deepest in London - as local residents found to their cost when it was forced to close during outbreaks of the fireman's strike recently.’
    • ‘But the game is about goals and, to their cost, they were unable to turn their periods of superiority into that all-important statistic.’
    • ‘However, a number of sellers have realised to their cost that it offers little protection if the sale goes wrong.’
    • ‘As many other firms have found out to their cost, this means it can be difficult to secure arguably the two main essentials for getting a business off the ground.’