Meaning of to the day in English:

to the day

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  • Exactly.

    ‘it's four years to the day since he was killed’
    • ‘It is four weeks to the day since Amanda disappeared and Surrey Police have still uncovered no major leads.’
    • ‘A couple have married four years to the day after meeting in an Internet chat room.’
    • ‘Forty years later, almost to the day, the BBC has effectively axed the programme.’
    • ‘After all it was exactly 15 years to the day since I passed my driving test, so what did I have to fear?’
    • ‘Almost a year to the day since her premature birth and little Mirium is still proving to be a miracle baby.’
    • ‘A plaque in their memory was unveiled at Elland Road's Revie Stand, a year to the day after they died.’
    • ‘Mortars first rained down upon it exactly 100 years to the day after its construction began.’
    • ‘It also marked a year to the day since he clinched an unprecedented third term for Labour at the general election.’
    • ‘The couple will now wed at the same venue this Saturday, almost two years to the day after their original date.’
    • ‘If the appeal starts as scheduled, it will open a year to the day since the group flew to Greece to begin the fateful trip.’
    • ‘Campaigners have reacted angrily to the news, as this is exactly what they said almost two years ago to the day.’
    • ‘For the other driver was the same woman who crashed into her at exactly the same place at the same time of day almost a year ago to the day.’
    • ‘A month to the day after his death, I took Danny's advice and came to this country.’
    • ‘I have calculated it to the day and I can tell you that it is fast approaching.’
    • ‘Mr Paxman himself will open the display on April 1, two years to the day since the theft.’
    • ‘It was 60 years to the day that the largest conflict in history had come to an end.’
    • ‘The biggest problem they have now is how to bring him back, the man who won the world cup a year ago to the day.’
    • ‘When Saturday comes Tracy and I will have been married twenty-two years to the day.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago to the day, today I was elected to the national executive of this party.’
    • ‘The couple married two years ago and, almost a year to the day, had their first child.’