Meaning of to the death in English:

to the death

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  • Until dead.

    ‘a fight to the death’
    • ‘We go on until all of you give up or until the last man is standing, a fight to the death.’
    • ‘That way, he suggested, those who remain behind can fight to the death without fear that their cause will die with them.’
    • ‘My theory is they do this to force people to buy two packets, in order to avoid that inevitable fight to the death.’
    • ‘We cannot forget that we are at war, one our enemy declares is a fight to the death.’
    • ‘They are mean and petty and will fight each other to the death over one little tiny nut.’
    • ‘This behavior has been exploited by fish fight organizers for years, so that the fish will fight to the death.’
    • ‘It looked over, but Thistle fought right to the death and refused to lie down.’
    • ‘The scene is set for a fight to the death and then an appearance of the famous Trojan Horse.’
    • ‘They certainly are not fighting to the death here and have quickly fled to the hills on the whiff of trouble.’
    • ‘They would probably fight to the death to defend him if it ever came to that.’
    • ‘No one knows what the outcome will be, but it is certain that it will be a fight to the death.’
    • ‘Feuding fish face a fight to the death with the unlucky loser sinking into oblivion.’
    • ‘He knew it would more than likely be a death blow but it was a fight to the death.’
    • ‘If they were foes he was prepared to quickly extend his claws and fight to the death.’
    • ‘The type of friends one would fight to the death for, even though they knew the odds were against them.’
    • ‘They certainly don't herd sheep, but will fight to the death to kill their predators.’
    • ‘They were among thousands of slaves being trained to fight to the death in the arena for public entertainment.’
    • ‘World War One soldiers knew their king and country expected them to fight to the death.’
    • ‘She is at once fiercely competitive and ladylike, a fighter to the death and yet a model of polite understatement.’
    • ‘This finally leads to the hero facing off against his adversary in a duel to the death.’