Meaning of to the marrow in English:

to the marrow

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  • To one's innermost being.

    ‘a sight which chilled me to the marrow’
    • ‘He turned, chilled to the marrow, which was, evidently, a nastily foreign feeling.’
    • ‘And then he was bursting through the main door, the chill late-afternoon wind throwing snowflakes against his sweat-streaked face and chilling him to the marrow.’
    • ‘And when you returned, wide-eyed with fright and chilled to the marrow, you were secretly amazed at your own survival.’
    • ‘Nearby a survivor screamed, chilling them all to the marrow.’
    • ‘It sent a shiver down Nathaniel's spine and chilled his bones to the marrow.’
    • ‘Neither will you be chilled to the marrow by the icy blasts of winter, for it scarcely ever freezes.’
    • ‘Finally, when the two workers, frozen to the marrow, emerged from beneath the water, they were stunned to hear the student spectators burst into side-splitting laughter.’
    • ‘A professional to the marrow of his bones, he has left his mark on the cultural and artistic life of the country.’
    • ‘So naturally I accepted, thrilled to the marrow.’
    • ‘In the balmy hours of the night, I had almost forgotten what cold felt like. How it bores down to the marrow.’