Meaning of to this day in English:

to this day


  • At the present time as in the past; still.

    ‘the tradition continues to this day’
    • ‘But the troubles in Northern Ireland added renewed impetus which continues to this day.’
    • ‘The war might have ended last May, but hostilities continue to this day.’
    • ‘Trusty aides always claimed ignorance, and, as far as I'm aware, continue to do so to this day.’
    • ‘In reality Vauxhall have a sporting heritage that spans 100 years and continues to this day.’
    • ‘War crimes trials of those involved in the Holocaust continue to this day.’
    • ‘The old exhibitions may be long gone, but the dreams that inspired them continue to this day.’
    • ‘I knew that I probably shouldn't be thinking about the past, but it does hurt, to this day.’
    • ‘The business was established in York over 30 years ago and our head office remains in Fulford to this day.’
    • ‘One poem taught to him by Miss Judge is still remembered by Tommie to this day.’
    • ‘Progress in reading and writing was slow and, to this day, he finds spelling and punctuation difficult.’
    • ‘I suppose what's extraordinary is that the book is still in existence to this day.’
    • ‘Still - to this day, I don't like people smoking in cars, so at least I was right on that front.’
    • ‘The educational institutions which he endowed are symbols of excellence to this day.’
    • ‘He saved pocket money given by his father to buy the two-wheeler, which he has even to this day.’
    • ‘Mahatma Gandhi and the Buddha were his chief inspirations and remain so to this day.’
    • ‘This poor man must have been denied the pet that he so dearly wanted as a child, and he resents it to this day.’
    • ‘They opened up a way of writing and looking at the world which remains a part of literature to this day.’
    • ‘My first encounter with the work of Salvador Dali, at the age of nine or ten, remains memorable to this day.’
    • ‘Some sunken Spanish galleons, still laden with gold, lie undiscovered to this day.’
    • ‘He became Bishop and then Patron of that region where he is widely revered to this day.’