Meaning of toasting fork in English:

toasting fork


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  • A long-handled fork for making toast in front of a fire.

    ‘We grilled sausages on toasting forks, mulled ale by thrusting red-hot pokers into foaming pints of stout, port and herbs, and by 9pm, the party was in full swing.’
    • ‘All we need now is a toasting fork and some marshmallows.’
    • ‘He stood by the fire, occasionally prodding the meat with a toasting fork.’
    • ‘It was like poking a marshmallow with a toasting fork.’
    • ‘The 1905 catalog for the famous Paris department store, Le Printemps, lists hundreds of wire items - from skimmers, griddles, and toasting forks to larger drainers, strainers, and food safes.’