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  • A young child who is just beginning to walk.

    ‘Primary school children and even toddlers as young as two have been caught starting fires.’
    • ‘There were young babies screaming and toddlers vomiting on the floor.’
    • ‘The six sessions include giving tips and ideas for playing with young children and toddlers.’
    • ‘Surely toddlers and young kids have a right of some sort to enjoy chasing pigeons in a park somewhere?’
    • ‘Those most at risk are babies, toddlers and young adults with cases peaking during winter.’
    • ‘While at play, toddlers and young children are usually in the care of older siblings.’
    • ‘The group is mainly for children between one and three but toddlers younger or older are welcome.’
    • ‘They came from across the town and ranged from young parents with toddlers to pensioners with walking sticks.’
    • ‘Children, from toddlers through to teens, will be donning these must-have looks too.’
    • ‘The rest look like they have just been taught how to walk by mischievous older toddlers at the local playgroup.’
    • ‘The survey also revealed that one in six parents of babies or toddlers lose their temper with their child every other day.’
    • ‘She spoke about caring for a range of children, both newborn and toddlers.’
    • ‘Board books, which are designed to be enjoyed by babies and toddlers, can be found at all libraries.’
    • ‘Every time you go to make love, the baby wakes up or the toddler toddles in.’
    • ‘Now rather quaint, the book has just been reissued; it's ideal for reading to babies and toddlers.’
    • ‘We fell in love with each other when all our children were toddlers.’
    • ‘As of August, polio has claimed eight lives in the country, mostly babies and toddlers.’
    • ‘So, whatever the weather, there is no excuse for bored toddlers or teens.’
    • ‘This group is for parents or childminders in the area with babies and toddlers.’
    • ‘Selby is to get more than £5 million to make sure that babies and toddlers get the best start in life.’
    youngster, young one, little one, boy, girl



/ˈtɒdələ/ /ˈtɒdlə/