Meaning of toe box in English:

toe box


  • A piece of stiffened material between the lining and the toecap of a shoe.

    ‘The tendency toward hammertoes is often inherited, but shoes with a too-narrow toe box can also cause them.’
    • ‘An extra-depth, low heeled, laced oxford with a high toe box and molded insole is recommended.’
    • ‘If you've had problems before because of shoes that didn't fit well, you may want to be fitted for a custom-molded shoe with a high toe box.’
    • ‘When hammertoe occurs, your toe may press against the top of the toe box of your shoe, causing pain and pressure.’
    • ‘I often see squash players who are playing in shoes with a narrow toe box.’
    • ‘Look for a model with a wider-and-higher toe box, a stiffer sole and an anatomical footbed with a metatarsal button.’
    • ‘I think it's because the toe box is nice and wide.’
    • ‘I think people with bunions or other foot problems could perform a public service by warning young women not to wear high heels or shoes that have a narrow toe box.’
    • ‘As for athletic shoes, opt for a pair with a wider toe box, since taking pressure off the inflamed area typically alleviates the discomfort.’
    • ‘And yes, there's also an air-sole cushion under the heel, a protective rock-guard shank, and a widened toe box to accommodate the inevitable swelling.’
    • ‘A good ‘rule of thumb’ is to leave an extra thumb's width, about 1/2 inch, between the end of your longest toe and the end of the toe box.’
    • ‘When purchasing athletic shoes, you should have between one-quarter and one-half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the toe box on the longest foot.’
    • ‘Make sure you have a little extra room in the toe box.’
    • ‘Buy shoes with a thumbnail's width of wiggle room in the toe box for all 10 toes.’
    • ‘Going downhill, toes can get bruised if they press against the toe box.’
    • ‘A tapered, low-profile toe box will excel when it comes to jamming your shoe into smaller cracks and pockets, however this often leads to discomfort on longer climbs as the toes are forced into an awkward position.’
    • ‘Fit-wise, they have a nice, roomy toe box and a padded tongue and heel collar that make for a nice fit, even with my skinny feet.’
    • ‘The heel cup, arch and toe box are all solidly crafted and shaped to hold hour foot with no hot spots.’
    • ‘For the duration of the study, one group wore therapeutic shoes with wide toe boxes and cork inserts (custom-fit), one group wore wide-toe shoes with polyurethane inserts (not customized), and another group wore their usual footwear.’
    • ‘Shoes with wide, deep toe boxes help prevent recurrence of hard corns on the dorsal surfaces of the toes, and wide toe boxes help relieve soft corns.’