Meaning of toe loop in English:

toe loop


  • A jump, initiated with the help of the supporting foot, in which the skater makes a full turn in the air, taking off from and landing on the outside edge of the same foot.

    ‘She landed her first triple jump, a salchow, when she was 14, but said that the triple toe loop was her best jump.’
    • ‘She was eleven when she landed her first triple jump, a triple salchow, but considers the toe loop to be her favorite jump.’
    • ‘After a promising opening to her free skate, she fell on a triple toe loop and made errors on her two remaining jumps.’
    • ‘When the music started, I pushed off into a series of difficult, flashy footwork, then nailed my first jump, a triple toe loop.’
    • ‘He has also been working on a quadruple toe loop.’