Meaning of toe to toe in English:

toe to toe

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  • (of two people) standing directly in front of one another, especially in order to fight or argue.

    ‘there's little skill involved—you just stand toe to toe and hit each other!’
    • ‘It's sometimes about standing toe to toe and battling with people for a long period.’
    • ‘Where their predecessors in the ring had both comported themselves as if points were being awarded for artistic impression, these two stand toe to toe and flail at each other with apparently random fists, knees and elbows.’
    • ‘The final three minutes proved to be some of the best in an absorbing contest as the fighters stood toe to toe and exchanged some heavy punches that would have floored lesser men.’
    • ‘Burns' normal crisp punching style was fraying at the edges but he still stood toe to toe with the champion throughout the tenth.’
    • ‘Whitaker was a highly skilled boxer who could stand toe to toe and make his opponent miss with superior head and body movement.’
    • ‘I stepped up to the plate and looked at it as a chance to show I could stand toe to toe with the champ.’
    • ‘Both fighters gave the fans a lot to cheer about as they often stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring.’
    • ‘Both stood toe to toe in the tenth, but a fierce left to the chin from Harrison rattled the champ again.’
    • ‘The video here shows competitors going toe to toe.’
    • ‘This was a man quite capable of going toe to toe with the intellectual establishment and most importantly, able to do that with charisma and eloquence.’