Meaning of toffee apple in English:

toffee apple


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  • An apple coated with a thin layer of toffee and fixed on a stick.

    North American term candy apple

    ‘This may be another indication of an older origin of the toffee apple.’
    • ‘I can almost feel the texture of candyfloss in my hair or the stickiness of a toffee apple all over my face.’
    • ‘He'll give you a toffee apple when he's done though.’
    • ‘November 5 is fast approaching and it is time to order your fireworks, build up the bonfire and chew on a toffee apple.’
    • ‘Never having won as much as a toffee apple in a raffle, I thought we had agreed we were not lucky by nature and would not invest in Premium Bonds.’
    • ‘They're not like they used to be, when children expected no more than a toffee apple and a Catherine wheel.’
    • ‘Jonathan got a good report from school so I was given the order of the evening: hot dog, candy floss, toffee apple.’
    • ‘We have toffee apples, gingerbread men, roast chestnuts and all manner of pumpkin dishes created by the chef.’
    • ‘Traditional food including pie and peas and toffee apples will be served before a bonfire and firework display.’
    • ‘On a Munich street a woman selling toffee apples, discarding those not perfectly coated with caramel into a refuse bin, saw her hungry eyes and offered her an apple she was about to throw away.’
    • ‘On Wednesday Halloween was very much on the minds of the youngsters as they took part in a demonstration making all sorts of Halloween treats from toffee apples to chocolates witches.’
    • ‘In celebration of all things witchy, there will be recipes for pumpkin soup and toffee apples, as well as other exciting tit-bits.’
    • ‘My childhood memories of this evening are very good - apart from the apples obtained by ‘ducking’ for them on Halloween on 31st October, there always seemed to be toffee apples as well, a particular seasonal treat.’
    • ‘And youngsters munched on toffee apples and adults tucked into pots of piping hot black peas as the huge bonfire crackled into life.’
    • ‘I made some miniature toffee apples for the food department the other day and I'm hoping to get some more stock for the china department soon.’
    • ‘Since arriving she had made cakes and toffee apples and done other things she had not been able to do before.’