Meaning of tofu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtəʊfuː/

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mass noun
  • A soft white substance made from mashed soya beans, used chiefly in Asian and vegetarian cooking.

    ‘Lin says for the home-style bean curd they use soft tofu and mix it with shredded pork, red pepper and green onion.’
    • ‘It is made of bread, pine nuts and strong-smelling preserved tofu, or bean curd.’
    • ‘Bean curd or tofu can be justifiably called a great invention of ancient China.’
    • ‘Choose from lime and chilli chicken, falafel, spiced meatballs and organic tofu.’
    • ‘Indian paneer cheese is similar to Asian tofu in that it has a bland flavour in itself, but it absorbs the flavours of other ingredients well.’
    • ‘Well, we met on Thursday and ate a feast of sashimi, tofu, salad and they ate meaty stuff.’
    • ‘He only consumes 100 grams of rice per meal with vegetables and tempeh or tofu.’
    • ‘Hakka people are good at making tofu dishes, since tofu for quite a long time was the main source of their protein.’
    • ‘The Asian diet includes grains such as rice and noodles, and soy foods like tofu and tempeh.’
    • ‘Tempeh and tofu are great sources of protein, both for vegetarians and people trying to lower their meat intake.’
    • ‘Soft or silken tofu can be used for dips, spreads, sauces and sweet dishes.’
    • ‘She showed me how she cooked the rice, chopped the onions and cut to pieces the jiggly white tofu.’
    • ‘For a long time, tofu was the best known human food made from soy, but its niche was small.’
    • ‘In the latter case, you may want to add diced tofu or ham to the filling for a bit more protein.’
    • ‘To make a richer tasting dish, you can pan fry the tofu in olive oil before adding to the stew.’
    • ‘Soy milk can be used in place of cow's milk or can be used to make curd in the form of tofu or tempeh.’
    • ‘Keep meals simple, and eat ingredients that are particularly good for you - brown rice, avocado and tofu.’
    • ‘Where I live in Lower Manhattan there are a lot of Chinese vegan restaurants and they do amazing things with tofu.’
    • ‘I quite like Quorn, but I wouldn't want it every day, and tofu leaves me cold.’
    • ‘No one is ever going to successfully copy his dishes, he insists, because they'll never have his tofu.’


From Japanese tōfu, from Chinese dòufu, from dòu ‘beans’ + fŭ ‘rot, turn sour’.