Meaning of toilet tissue in English:

toilet tissue


another term for toilet paper
‘She wiped herself quickly with a small bit of the toilet tissue and threw it into the bowl.’
  • ‘Several workers said they were told by their bosses to bring their own toilet tissue.’
  • ‘If your child sees blood with a bowel movement, either in the toilet water or on a toilet tissue, you should always call your child's doctor.’
  • ‘Apparently his bum is so sore that even super soft toilet tissue feels like sand paper.’
  • ‘In addition to cleaning, restroom maintenance entails the refilling of supplies such as soap, paper towels and toilet tissue as well as sanitary trash removal.’
  • ‘The start to the second half was delayed as the fans hurled rolls and rolls of toilet tissue onto the pitch.’
  • ‘We know the chief's credit-card number; we know where he buys his groceries; we know how much toilet tissue he goes through.’
  • ‘Last weekend was horrible - we were literally, completely skint and I even had to scrape some coppers together for toilet tissue!’
  • ‘Do you know how nervous I am about walking back into the dining room with a square of toilet tissue on my shoe?’
  • ‘My sense of humour has come back to bite me on the behind; the doctor just banned me from using toilet tissue.’
  • ‘The makers of a cheeky advert for toilet tissue have apologised after the campaign caused upset.’
  • ‘Is it any wonder that in a society brimming with heartburn relief and antacids, quilted toilet tissue and lightly wet butt wipes for both baby and parents, that we become fixated on our rumps?’
  • ‘In the course of a year the average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper, for everything from drinking cups to toilet tissue and the magazine you hold in your hands.’
  • ‘Some toilets have sharp edges in their drains that catch toilet tissue as well as items people drop in toilets, such as makeup pencils, pens and toys.’
  • ‘It's what he envisioned when he created it in 1962: a neighborhood store selling affordable necessities to people who can't pay top prices for soap and toilet tissue.’
  • ‘To complement the look, choose industrial-style lighting, space-saving mirror/shelf units that pivot and fold, and simple hooks to hold everything from towels to toilet tissue.’
  • ‘We sang praises for our rain-resistant outerwear, for our waterproofing oil for boots and for fanny packs loaded with tiny rolls of toilet tissue, knowing there weren't going to be any bathrooms where we were going.’
  • ‘Women should wear cotton underwear, avoid scented powders or bath products, and use noncolored toilet tissue.’
  • ‘Eventually, there was almost always toilet tissue in the bathrooms.’
  • ‘By the way, let's not forget to buy some toilet tissue.’