Meaning of toiletries in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔɪlɪtrɪz/

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plural noun

  • Articles used in washing and taking care of one's body, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.

    ‘a range of toiletries’
    • ‘men's toiletry sales’
    • ‘Therefore, having soap, shampoo and toiletry items available to them is a big plus.’
    • ‘I did say that I needed toothpaste and other personal toiletries, which they supplied to me.’
    • ‘Last week she spent £15 sending parcels to her son, containing items like toothpaste and toiletries.’
    • ‘Fill antique bowls or shaving mugs with pretty toiletries, such as soaps or bath salts.’
    • ‘I disagree entirely with the use of animals for the testing of make up and toiletries such as shampoo.’
    • ‘Changing consumer preferences and rising living standards are expanding the market for imported cosmetics and toiletries.’
    • ‘Instead of going into city and town centres to buy cosmetics, toiletries or aspirin, shoppers are picking them up along with the bread and milk.’
    • ‘Palm oil is used in everything from food products to cosmetics and toiletries.’
    • ‘Her cosmetics and toiletries were on her dresser and candles were scattered about the room.’
    • ‘The list is endless, and includes perfume, toiletries, videos, DVDs, sports goods and car parts.’
    • ‘It is a well-documented fact that cosmetics and toiletries contain numerous hazardous ingredients.’
    • ‘Shopping for cosmetics and toiletries online is now big business.’
    • ‘The parcels contain items such as toiletries, sun-tan lotion and sweets all of which will be much appreciated.’
    • ‘The bathroom was bright, and spacious, with twin basins and a decent range of toiletries.’
    • ‘It is estimated that women absorb up to two kilograms of chemicals through toiletries and cosmetics every year.’
    • ‘Her hands reached in and closed around the toiletry kit that held her shampoo, conditioner, razors, hairspray, clips, twisties, soaps and other such items.’
    • ‘On arrival, each resident will be provided with a care package of clothing and toiletries.’
    • ‘Items for sale will include Christmas presents, decorations, cakes, toiletries and cards.’
    • ‘The store sells a range of hardware, gifts, toiletries and household goods.’