Meaning of Tok Pisin in English:

Tok Pisin

Pronunciation /tɒk ˈpɪsɪn/


mass noun
  • An English-based creole used as a commercial and administrative language in Papua New Guinea.

    Also called Neo-Melanesian

    ‘The ‘Jesus’ Film, based on the Gospel of Luke, has been translated into Tok Pisin.’
    • ‘Grammatically, perhaps the most salient difference from the Tok Pisin spoken on ‘mainland’ New Guinea is the relatively sparse use of pinis as a grammatical marker.’
    • ‘A general presentation of Tok Pisin is provided, as well as a description of some grammatical characteristics of Tok Pisin of potential interest for the testing of grammar machines.’
    • ‘Portuguese and Dutch, both important colonial languages of the region, left no reflexes in Tok Pisin.’
    • ‘This means that most words in Tok Pisin originate in English, the most widely spoken language on Earth.’


The name in Tok Pisin, literally ‘pidgin talk’.