Meaning of toll gate in English:

toll gate


  • A barrier across a road where drivers or pedestrians must pay to go further.

    ‘It means, the car driver can choose to go back to the entrance toll gate to hand it the fee every 7 days, or to go to the police to pay a little bit higher - 150 RMB per month.’
    • ‘We throw luggage into boot and hit the road as far as the toll gate will allow us.’
    • ‘Every day he passed through the toll gate where I worked.’
    • ‘We got slightly lost but arrived in the end and although we hadn't intended to cross it we found ourselves at the toll gate without any warning.’
    • ‘It is like putting in a toll gate before the highway has been constructed.’
    • ‘In the Eastern Cape, a toll gate may cause social difficulties since many people will be unable to pay the tolls.’
    • ‘The lifting of the Eltham toll gate in 1925 worked against him - people began to travel further, often to the beach.’
    • ‘The toll keepers simply kept a record of the number of times his coaches had gone through a toll gate.’
    • ‘Some would even jump over the toll gate to avoid paying.’
    • ‘Petrol was 7 cents a litre, the express ways were fabulous with few cars and although the signs said no motorbikes the guys on the toll gates waved us through with a big smile, refused to charge us or accept the cigarettes we offered.’
    • ‘It will cost, however, with toll gates at either end charging something like 1.50 euros, which I suppose is a small price to pay for getting there faster and more safely.’
    • ‘What about reopening the toll gates again, they seem to be coming back into fashion and we used to have one in Mytholmes Lane, mainly for horse and carts and peasants in those days.’
    • ‘The introduction of toll gates for the purpose would not be a bad idea considering that other countries do the same.’
    • ‘He said that the use of vouchers would speed up the lines at toll gates.’
    • ‘Perhaps it may not be a bad attempt to revisit the idea of setting up toll gates.’
    • ‘A couple out driving the Coquihalla Highway near the toll gates saw something strange, and pulled their truck over to watch a red colored object just below the top of the mountain.’
    • ‘It said the price hike would apply to 18 toll gates on the N1 highway, 14 on the N2, 10 on the N3, eight on the N4 and five on the N17.’
    • ‘The opening of the West Link toll bridge should be fast-tracked, and toll gates should be lifted where there are snarl-ups at the existing bridge.’
    • ‘Government vehicle drivers would be issued with another card which could be used for maintenance, repairs and toll gates only.’
    • ‘They've been used for years in dashboard black boxes that allow cars to pass through toll gates without stopping.’