Meaning of Tom, Dick, and Harry in English:

Tom, Dick, and Harry

Pronunciation /tɒmdɪk(ə)ndˈhari/


(also Tom, Dick, or Harry)
  • Used to refer to ordinary people in general.

    ‘he didn't want every Tom, Dick, and Harry knowing their business’
    • ‘Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanted to be getting revenge and getting paid to do it and presently Australia was the place to be to do it.’
    • ‘He asserted that the proposed partnership ‘was an entirely different kettle of fish to marriage’, and expressed fears that it might allow any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ to join the Union.’
    • ‘As I write this, the husband is clicking his way through a number of sites reading every Tom, Dick, and Harry's experience and evaluation of the aforementioned toaster.’
    • ‘We need to toughen up and stop allowing any Tom, Dick, and Harry in.’
    • ‘In the age of nanotechnology, Death will increasingly obey the whims of Tom, Dick, and Harry, too.’
    • ‘What we didn't need last week was for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to stampede for the exits and sell everything they own.’
    • ‘He believes that every Tom, Dick, and Harry should be able to drive on the roads, never mind what condition they are in, what attitude they have, or what condition their cars are in.’
    • ‘In dating, you've narrowed the field down to Tom, Dick, and Harry.’
    • ‘And here you are, dancing naked and running around with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.’
    • ‘It is a tremendous country, and we are not going to stand by and let any Tom, Dick, or Harry come here.’
    • ‘Before every Tom, Dick, and Harry made a reality show, this one was something new for the masses.’
    • ‘Since the invasions, every Tom, Dick, and Harry has got on the bandwagon to come in and poach so they can sell the meat.’
    • ‘But now every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants a customized version of it for their organization.’