Meaning of toneburst in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtəʊnbəːst/


  • An audio signal used in testing the transient response of audio components.

    ‘It's not necessary to send a toneburst at the start of each over, so disable the auto toneburst if possible.’
    • ‘The levels are equalised, tonebursts and DTMF tones are attenuated, and squelch tails are shortened.’
    • ‘This track comprises equal-length tonebursts that move from 32Hz up to 3.2kHz in half steps, then back down again.’
    • ‘We know that responses to the tonebursts will occur at the same repetition rate as the stimuli, so we do amplitude and frequency analysis to find them.’
    • ‘A teoae test involves the presentation of a large number of very brief clicks or tonebursts, each of which is a highly complex sound.’