Meaning of tonic water in English:

tonic water


mass noun
  • A carbonated soft drink with a bitter flavour, used as a mixer with gin or other spirits (originally used as a stimulant of appetite and digestion)

    ‘a bottle of tonic water’
    • ‘the taste of different tonic waters’
    • ‘Soda water, seltzer water and tonic water are not considered bottled waters.’
    • ‘The basic mixers are cola, lemon-lime soda, tonic water, soda water, orange juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, ginger ale and grapefruit juice.’
    • ‘If you have mixed drinks, use mixers that are sugar-free, such as diet soda, tonic water, club soda or seltzer.’
    • ‘Add a spritz of your favorite juice to flavored seltzer water or diet tonic water.’
    • ‘For example, adding salt to tonic water suppresses the bitterness and makes it taste sweeter.’
    • ‘I'm now drunk on gin and peach flavoured diet tonic water.’
    • ‘Pour the remaining vodka, tonic water and lemon juice into a bowl and stir in the gelatine mixture.’
    • ‘The quinine-laced tonic water was proscribed as a malaria preventive, and the ingenious troops found adding gin made the nasty stuff slide right down.’
    • ‘She said I should drink tonic water, which has quinine in it.’
    • ‘When tested later, the memory of those who drank vodka was significantly impaired compared with the memory of those who drank tonic water.’
    • ‘I was drinking large quantities of tonic water, which contains quinine, when this started.’
    • ‘Others report that drinking tonic water or taking a B-complex vitamin can prevent cramps.’
    • ‘One doctor told me to drink tonic water for its quinine, but it doesn't seem to help.’
    • ‘A vodka tonic there meant a glass of cheap vodka and a bottle of tonic water.’
    • ‘The critic's choice of vegetarian spring rolls, vegetarian curry, and vegetable stir-fry accompanied by tonic water and draft beer doesn't really sound like quality.’
    • ‘When we want tonic water, we will ask for tonic water.’
    • ‘Liza was also very fond of toast, oranges, and tonic water and her pink fluffy slippers that she never seemed to be without.’
    • ‘148 undergraduate students were given tonic water, but half were told they were drinking vodka.’
    • ‘If I take a couple swigs of tonic water, that may help.’
    • ‘I was told tonic water would stop leg cramps because of the quinine.’