Meaning of tonkotsu in English:


Pronunciation /tɒŋˈkɒtsuː/


mass noun
  • A Japanese broth made from pork marrow, typically served with ramen.

    as modifier ‘I ordered the tonkotsu ramen’
    • ‘The broth is ideally salted and as rich and meaty as one might hope for in tonkotsu.’
    • ‘This special stock is almost as thick and fully flavoured as creamy tonkotsu.’
    • ‘The tonkotsu broth here is simmered for 20 hours.’
    • ‘Most customers probably end up getting some version of the bowl of thin ramen noodles in a milky tonkotsu pork broth.’
    • ‘The seats are almost always filled with people who order its tonkotsu ramen.’
    • ‘He grew up on tonkotsu ramen soup.’
    • ‘My favorites include the creamy pork tonkotsu.’
    • ‘I had the traditional tonkotsu and it was rich and creamy like it should be.’
    • ‘The restaurant's variety strikes a Goldilocks level of just right between the rib-sticking tonkotsu and the lighter stuff.’
    • ‘I've resorted to making my own tonkotsu broth over 24 hours.’


The words tonkotsu and tonkatsu are often confused. Tonkotsu means ‘a Japanese broth made from pork marrow’, whereas tonkatsu means ‘a Japanese dish of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried’


Japanese, from ton ‘pig, pork’ + kotsu ‘bone’.