Main meanings of tony in English

: tony1Tony2


Pronunciation /ˈtəʊni/

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adjectivetonier, toniest

informal North American
  • Fashionable among wealthy or stylish people.

    • ‘a tony restaurant’
    • ‘There's a fear that the valley may grow from a place where people of modest means can live and work into a tony enclave for wealthy second-home owners.’
    • ‘Fried chicken gets the respect it deserves at his tony restaurant.’
    • ‘Until recently, mache - also known as lamb's lettuce or corn salad and a longtime staple in France - could be found here mainly in tony restaurants and upscale markets.’
    • ‘It markets its meat to tony Manhattan restaurants and gets top dollar.’
    • ‘When Americans think of British television, they think of ‘quality’ news and tony entertainment shows.’
    • ‘Here, in tony Mount Washington, the residents sometimes complain too, but they seem to secretly like it this way because it adds to the hidden, rural character.’
    • ‘So Allan, how do you explain the relative success at these tony places, all these expensive handbags and lotions and potions and so forth?’
    • ‘It's not just their ability to publish in so many tony outlets - it's the fact that they're more than a decade younger than me and publishing in so many tony outlets.’
    • ‘And what does it have to do with tony Monterey County, home of rugged shorelines, exclusive golf clubs and hundreds of acres of lettuce fields?’
    • ‘The expected glamour of the leading ladies was complemented by the tony dressing of guests who represented the full cultural mélange that is Houston.’
    • ‘There is everything in this discount store of literary ambitions, from the obligatory tony commentary to pathetic little passages of smut.’
    • ‘A child of the civil rights movement, she attended integrated schools and sends her son to one of Atlanta's tony private academies.’
    • ‘A fire hydrant that prevented him and his wife from parking their SUV in front of their tony digs was removed by the city of Boston at his behest.’
    • ‘Likewise, locals with tony connections are packing their bags for ranches in Wyoming and mountain aeries in Colorado.’
    • ‘Little Dix Bay, a tony Rosewood resort on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, offers WiFi on its beaches.’
    • ‘In the ensuing days Miller was celebrated in the tony newspapers and magazines as a latter-day Shakespeare.’
    • ‘All these years I lived here, and little did I know how much fun could be had for so little money in a town so famous for its tony ways.’
    • ‘They sent them to tony private schools, as well.’
    • ‘In 1989, they were married in the tony paradise of Hobe Sound, Fla., where the bride's parents had moved after decades of living near Chicago.’
    stylish, smart, elegant, chic, crisp, dapper, spruce, trim, debonair, well dressed, well groomed, well turned out, smartly dressed


Late 19th century from tone (noun)+ -y.

Main meanings of Tony in English

: tony1Tony2


Pronunciation /ˈtəʊni/

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  • (in the US) any of a number of awards given annually for outstanding achievement in the theatre in various categories.

    ‘It has collected over 30 international theatre awards including three Tonys for the Broadway production.’
    • ‘This two-part epic won about every major theatrical award, including two Tonys and a Pulitzer Prize.’
    • ‘The musical has won over 50 international theatre awards, including eight Tonys.’
    • ‘She has not won an Academy award, but has won two Tonys.’
    • ‘It was up for five Tonys, winning for its lighting, its scenic design, the leading performance and even for the score by Tim Rice and Elton John.’


1940s from the nickname of Antoinette Perry (1888-1946), American actress and director.