Meaning of too big to fail in English:

too big to fail


  • (of a financial organization or other business) so important to the economy of a country that a government or central bank must take measures to prevent it from ceasing to trade or going bankrupt.

    ‘he caused a stir earlier this month when he said that no company was too big to fail’
    • ‘Ultimately, if the US authorities eventually behave in a way that convinces the public that the market is too big to fail, the bubble could well last longer; the political spadework has been laid down for years.’
    • ‘For decades, governments across the West have permitted the creation of moral hazard in the banking system by encouraging the belief that banks are too big to fail.’
    • ‘And the greater the accumulation of foreign liabilities, the more the Monetary Regime became "too big to fail."’
    • ‘Today, leveraged speculation has become "too big to fail."’
    • ‘This environment is bringing new meaning to the doctrine of "Too Big to Fail."’
    • ‘The GSEs are today much too big to fail; much too big to even slow down; and, hence, too big to regulate.’
    • ‘Due to recent megamergers and the emergence of large, complex banking entities, do we now find ourselves in a state of elevated moral hazard where "too big to fail" becomes a dominant concern?’
    • ‘In Japan, such large companies were viewed as simply too big to fail.’
    • ‘They hope to become too big to fail.’