Meaning of too cool for school in English:

too cool for school


  • Very cool or fashionable.

    • ‘he has no brains, no looks, no personality, but he still thinks he's too cool for school’
    • ‘She is such a smart ass, a know-it-all, very too cool for school.’
    • ‘The assistants look like they're too cool for school.’
    • ‘We weren't trying to be too cool for school.’
    • ‘Maybe just "too cool for school" is what I mean.’
    • ‘The guy's too cool for school; he is very artsy, thinks outside the box, different.’
    • ‘The club was filled with 30-something skinny Brits who thought they were too cool for school.’
    • ‘Score yourself some of these items and you just may be too cool for school!’
    • ‘So that guy was a little bit too cool for school, but there you go.’
    • ‘When we see Kate Moss looking too cool for school carrying the latest Mulberry bag, we immediately want one.’
    • ‘You're just too cool for school, aren't you?’