Meaning of tooling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtuːlɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1Assorted tools, especially ones required for a mechanized process.

    as modifier ‘the tooling costs for the latest Ford Fiesta’
    • ‘Tooling costs to produce the box in composite are five times lower than steel and there is an overall cost savings on the composite box, although specific numbers were not given.’
    • ‘There is no special tooling required for removal; carbon and stainless steel are available off the shelf.’
    • ‘So, at higher volumes, composite production tooling costs rise significantly.’
    • ‘But based on an analysis of weight and costs (manufacturing, tooling, assembly), an alternative was sought.’
    • ‘In high-volume production, stamping spreads one-time tooling and setup costs over thousands of identical parts, so unit part costs will be lower.’
    • ‘In most cases the process uses single-sided tooling, at much lower pressures than conventional stamping, reducing tooling costs as well.’
    • ‘Supplier concepts are more likely embraced by customers if they reduce piece price, tooling or freight costs immediately.’
    • ‘The tooling and molding cost had to be lower than casting lead.’
    • ‘Their electrodes prevent the need for extra tooling, thereby reducing cost.’
    • ‘The run rates of niche vehicles don't allow for fixed assembly tooling costs for each model.’
    • ‘Manufacturers charge special tooling and labour costs which add very large fees to the cost of a spare part.’
    • ‘Consider a process design change that requires a major investment in sustaining tooling that also reduces production costs over time.’
    • ‘Clearance for the tooling or gripper required to hold parts during assembly is an important consideration.’
    • ‘Raburn said composites are seductive to a low-volume manufacturing environment because the tooling required is easy to build.’
    • ‘This plane clearly involved some fairly sophisticated tooling, with rotary cutters that could be advanced into the work while maintaining the correct angles with respect to the block.’
    • ‘One advantage is that the tooling for a chemical process costs much less than conventional tooling.’
    • ‘Where possible, cost is attacked before design, tooling or a process even exists, maximizing the opportunity to hit project cost goals.’
    • ‘They're good process people and we've learned a lot about the processing, tooling and equipment that they do over there.’
    • ‘Recurring costs are incurred on an ongoing basis, such as final assembly, while nonrecurring costs are made up of one-time expenses such as initial tooling and production planning.’
    • ‘The substitution of a resin that costs 43% less, while still using existing tooling and equipment highlighted this innovation.’
    1. 1.1The process of making or working something with tools.
      as modifier ‘the deck moulding showed some tooling marks’
      • ‘All tooling marks are removed by hand polishing.’
      • ‘The disconnector notch was polished as smooth as Egyptian anthracite, and all tooling marks were polished out.’
      • ‘There were no tooling marks to be found anywhere and the knurling was sharp and even throughout.’
      • ‘We can deduce the processes that were employed by examining the remains of discarded or lost, part worked or broken beads, for wear or tooling marks.’
      • ‘He takes emery paper and handpolishes the tooling marks out of the firing pin stop.’
      • ‘A number of variants could be pulled from this basic structure with minimal increases in either cost or tooling.’
      • ‘Boat making, silver-smithing, bronze tooling, cloth weaving and basket making are examples of the types of artistry celebrated and emulated in modern-day culture.’
  • 2The ornamentation of a leather book cover with designs impressed by heated tools.

    ‘ornaments ready to use in the gold tooling of fine bindings’
    • ‘Once bound, she finishes each book with a variety of artistic touches such as embroidery, dyeing, gold tooling or edge coloring.’