Meaning of toon in English:


Pronunciation /tuːn/


  • 1 informal A cartoon film.

    • ‘The toons in question are actually webtoons, Flash animations originally produced for the Warner Brothers Animation website.’
    • ‘In fact, animated political toons have been part of the Web ever since bandwidth would allow.’
    • ‘These toons not only grew Cartoon Network's audience by triple digits, they beat out late night old-schoolers for draws of 18-to 24-year-olds.’
    • ‘Be it Scooby Doo or the Flintstones, Cartoon Networks loony toons win the children's popularity stake.’
    • ‘In Hanna-Barbera toons, we often see a looping, nondescript background that gives the impression of extended horizontal movement.’
    • ‘The primitive but often inspired toons remind us that hip-hop has enjoyed a stronger visual identity than other genres.’
    • ‘I had a strange fascination with the MGM toons when I was young, especially Droopy.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the toons' huge popularity whether it is Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or the Scooby Dos, Tom & Jerry and so on, they are set in a different social milieu.’
    • ‘Tapping the vast Warner Bros. animation library, the site offers Looney Tunes Cartoon Cinema, a selection of full-length classic toons, including some never seen.’
    • ‘Walt Disney needs to be thanked wholeheartedly for popularising toons with his lovable renditions of ducks and mice.’
    • ‘Indeed, Walt Disney, the creator of so many immortal toons, couldn't have been more right.’
    • ‘Soon he is lost in the world of toons, giggling and enjoying their animated antics.’
    • ‘His political toons even light a partisan fire under The Cat in the Hat: throughout the PM days, Seuss often drew America as a dropsical eagle in a battered, striped top hat, Uncle Sam's preferred headgear.’
    • ‘Favourite toons like Spongebob Squarepants, Rocko's Modern Life, Real Monsters, Rugrats, Say Please, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Kenan would all be available in Hindi.’
    • ‘My parents couldn't figure out why this didn't happen when I watched more violent cartoons such as Transformers, or even worse, M.A.S.K., known in the schoolyard as one of the more scarier toons.’
    • ‘Crikey has a wonderful cartoonist, and here is a chronological rundown of the toons enjoyed by subscribers in the daily email sealed sections from September 2001 to the present.’
    • ‘If ‘Hang Out’ goes visiting the hideouts of younger generation, a whale of a time is reserved for the still younger in the form of toons.’
    • ‘But before ‘cryathons’ could break out, the unfortunates were told the toons would be back on Monday.’
    • ‘We posted a large collection of editorial toons on our official site but since that time, America's parodists have been at it again.’
    • ‘One toon has both rings in his/her inventory - targets the other player and selects ‘propose union’ from a radial menu.’
    1. 1.1A character in a cartoon film.
      ‘he drags the toon's mouth into a droop’
      • ‘If papa or mama wants to dance with a toon character, we suppose they will be obliged.’
      • ‘The graphics focus on different moods and actions of the toon characters and come in colours such as spiced red and turquoise blue.’
      • ‘And I was wondering, as I always do with plot devices like this, why the human characters deal so calmly with the appearance of toons.’
      • ‘Her favourite toon characters are Tom & Jerry and G.I. Joe.’
      • ‘Behind the web of magic in the latest Spiderman 2 flick or the delightful antics of toon characters on the tube is the touch of animation artists.’
      • ‘Apart from these friendly toon characters, there were also some live animals to animate the proceedings.’
      • ‘Kids who guess which toon character is going to be the character of the month will see their names flashed on Cartoon Network and get meal vouchers.’
      • ‘He walks into the movie lot where his toon / demon Greystone is playing poker with some toons and a gunsel (Svend's character Danny).’
      • ‘Everyone's hair is greased up into a 50s do, which makes it hard to recognize Constantine and Bo, remade into Elvis-y toons.’
      • ‘Viewers could support toons' presidential bids, with on-package advertising.’
      • ‘Yep, the Colonel argues that young people need more character, lest the void usually filled by common sense is colonised by the personality traits of looney toons / pokemon/ninja turtles/power rangers.’
      • ‘While they did include some of my favorites like the new king of kiddie toons, SpongeBob, Homer, Beavis and Butthead and Cartman, they included some questionable choices and left off the cream of the crop.’
      • ‘They are bringing in the whole lot of toons, Bugs Bunny himself, Tom and Jerry eternally plaguing each other and the sworn enemies who cannot live without each other, Tweety and Sylvester, and of course, Daffy Duck.’
      • ‘In the beginning, Mickey's head and body were simple circle shapes and his limbs resembled rubber hoses, a design cloned from Felix the Cat, the reigning toon superstar of the 1920s.’
      • ‘A chance for the toons to come out of the channel and meet their fans, it might not be possible to go to Greece, but Toon Games are coming to your city.’
      • ‘Children will also get to know what, and if, their favourite toons eat.’
      • ‘By now, were all tuned in to the film's peculiar brand of black humour and laugh heartily at the doomed toons plight.’
      • ‘I just think it would be better for all concerned if female toons across the board were toned down just a bit.’
      • ‘I'm loonier than a hormone-enhanced toon, battier than a steroid-strengthened Batman.’
      • ‘If I were crazy enough I'd even go as far to say they're more sexually empowered than other female toons, an epitome of which is the physically exaggerated hussy Jessica Rabbit.’


1930s shortening of cartoon.