Meaning of toothed whale in English:

toothed whale


  • A predatory whale having teeth rather than baleen plates. Toothed whales include sperm whales, killer whales, beaked whales, narwhals, dolphins, and porpoises.

    Suborder Odontoceti, order Cetacea: six families and numerous species

    ‘Odontocete cetaceans (i.e., toothed whales including dolphins and porpoises) rely upon echolocation to sense the environment and detect prey.’
    • ‘Some baleen whales, most famously the humpback whales, are known for the strange and complex songs they produce; their function is not clear, but unlike toothed whales, baleen whales do not use their songs for echolocation.’
    • ‘This anatomical quirk occurs only in toothed whales - including the sperm whale, narwhal, orca, and porpoise - and it helps explain an old maritime mystery.’
    • ‘These people specialise in hunting toothed whales, principally sperm whales, in small hand-made ancient wooden boats complete with palm leaf sails.’
    • ‘The researchers determined that 137 of the samples came from nine species of toothed whales, including false killer whales, pilot whales, and several species of dolphins and porpoises.’
    • ‘These include the shrews, some moles, some bats, the striped skunk, the pinniped carnivores, toothed whales, the aardvark, and murid rodents.’
    • ‘The sperm whale is the only toothed whale under the management of the IWC and as populations increase, there is pressure from some countries to lift the moratorium on commercial whaling.’
    • ‘Recent evidence has suggested that the Physeteridae (sperm whale) family might be more closely related to the baleen whales than to the toothed whales.’
    • ‘Unlike the baseball-sized throat of baleen whales, this toothed whale's throat is large enough to swallow small seals whole.’
    • ‘The living toothed whales are typically homodont and polydont and lack tooth replacement.’
    • ‘Both toothed whales and pinnipeds have lost functional replacement and it has been suggested that this is related to aquatic predation.’
    • ‘These whales are distinguished from the toothed whales by having baleen, or whalebone, as part of the mouth structure.’
    • ‘Sperm whales are the largest of the toothed whales; mature males weigh more than forty tons and stretch fifty feet from nose to fluke.’
    • ‘The Antarctic lacks small resident toothed whales like the beluga and the narwhal of the Arctic.’
    • ‘They say it represents an ancient lineage of toothed whales - a freshwater dolphin, caught in a Miocene time warp since the era when alligators bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex lurked in the shallows.’
    • ‘That's because they make a habit of swimming below dolphins and other toothed whales, picking off injured fish or parts of fish that the dolphins drop during feeding.’
    • ‘There are between 31 and 45 known species of dolphin and other small toothed whales, depending on how you group them.’
    • ‘Marine bony fish and toothed whales live in a hyperosmotic medium, and much of the potential prey is hyperosmotic (osmoconforming invertebrates).’
    • ‘Such giant cephalopods play or played a similar ecological role of top predator to that of Devonian arthrodire placoderms, Mesozoic pliosaurs and Cenozoic toothed whales.’
    • ‘In the seas the first archaic toothed whales appeared.’